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Title: Mediating Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Organizational Performance: Empirical Analysis of Public Employees in Guadalajara, Mexico
Keywords: Transformational Leadership;OCB;Organizational Performance;Public Service Motivation;Structural Equation Modeling;C40;H11;H83
Publisher: Universidad de Guadalajara
Description: While much has been written about the importance of recruiting and retaining employees displaying voluntary and spontaneous actions, few have explored the mediating effect of citizenship behaviors on organizational performance. This study examines the direct and indirect effects of transformational leadership style, public service motivation, and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) on public organization performance. It is hypothesized that when employees perceived that a public organization is practicing a transformational leadership style (TLS), they are likely to have a favorable view on the performance of their organization, but the effect is indirect and mediated by OCB. At the same time, if employees have a strong desire to serve and improve the welfare of others, they are likely to perform beyond their job requirements and thus, likely to express a positive view on the organizational performance. A structural equation modeling was used to examine the perceptions of 1,016 public employees in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Mexico. The results suggest that Mexican public employees display OCB (extra role behaviors) that will be associated with a better public organizational performance because of the higher levels of PSM (public service motivation). TLS are also associated to a better organizational performance as well as to perform OCBs. But we did not find the mediator role of OCB between TLS and the organizational performance. 
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