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Title: Teaching experience in university students using social networks.
Keywords: mobile learning;social networks;students;teaching
Publisher: World Journal on Educational Technology
Description: Social networks, specifically Facebook and Twitter, are currently one of the most mainstream forms of media in the world. Yet, its educational use for the dissemination of knowledge is not significantly evident. Under this premise, this report is presented, considering an experience in which teachers and university-level students used these networks as mediators of educational practices; such mediation was implemented in order to promote mobile learning as an option to facilitate the process of construction and socialization of knowledge. In this sense, the research presented aims to identify the experience and opinion of students regarding the influence of this strategy in achieving their learning. The quantitative methodology was applied through the application of a survey of students who participated and realized the importance of socialization of knowledge. The results showed favourable opinions regarding the use of these networks, highlighting the benefits of mobile learning as a way to streamline the training process. This proposal is to continue this type of strategy to promote flexible teaching-learning options.
Universidad de Guadalajara
Other Identifiers: Alcántar, M.,R.,C., Ballesteros, N., S., Torres, C.,I., Padilla,A.,A.J. & Barajas, R., E, L., B. (2016). Teaching experience in university students using social networks. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues. 8(3), 224-230.
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