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Title: Maltrato Geriátrico
Maltrato Geriátrico
Keywords: Elder abuse;Elder Neglect;Abuse;Elderly;Maltrato geriátrico;Negligencia al adulto mayor;Abuso;Adulto mayor
Description: Elder abuse goes unnoticed in most the cases, however, 1 of 10 older adults has suffered this type of abuse, and it is estimated that only 1 of 24 cases are notified. There are different types of elder abuse that the health personal and the general population must know to be able to identify it and report. There are no overwhelming signs of elder abuse, however, the correlation of the syndromes must always be considered to identify a mistreated geriatric patient, always, every medical consultation for a traumatism a differential diagnosis must be the geriatric maltreatment. There exist easy systems for the intervention in a case of elder abuse those systems are relevant when a mistreatment case is presented; it is important to know the corresponding legislation for the older adults’ violence to know how to proceed in case of witnessing one.The characteristic Clinical are Central and / or peripheral cyanosis, a systolic murmur typically appears in the first exploration of child; hypoxia, polycythemia and others.for diagnosis can be used radiography, echocardiography, electrocardiogram, catheterization, angiography, MRI. But Doopler echocardiography is the study of choice. As for treatment we have two options palliative treatment consisting fistulas or angioplasties and definitive treatment consisting of surgery.
El maltrato geriátrico pasa desapercibido en la mayoría de los casos, sin embargo, se registra de 1 de cada 10 adultos mayores sufre este tipo de abuso, y de estos, se estima que sólo se notifica 1 de cada 24 casos. Existen diferentes tipos de maltrato geriátrico que el personal de la salud y la población en general debe conocer, para así, poder identificarlo y denunciarlo. No existen signos contundentes de maltrato geriátrico, sin embargo, siempre se debe tener en cuenta la correlación de síndromes que pueda presentar el paciente geriátrico maltratado, y siempre, en cualquier situación de consulta por traumatismo, un diferencial debe ser el maltrato geriátrico. Existen sistemas fáciles para intervenir en caso de maltrato geriátrico dichos sistemas cobran relevancia cuando se presenta un caso de maltrato; aunado a esto es importante conocer la legislación correspondiente a la violencia del adulto mayor para saber cómo proceder en caso de presenciar un caso.
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