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Title: Cybersecurity Ontologies: A Systematic Literature Review
Keywords: Systematic Literature Review;Ontology;Cyber-security;Cybersecurity Ontologies;ICT
Publisher: Universidad de Guadalajara
Description: Cybersecurity is a young discipline that has gained relevance in our modern society. This research reports the findings of a systematic review of the literature on ontologies in the field of cybersecurity. From an initial set of 214 papers on the subject, 50 relevant papers were selected for this SLR. With these documents we answered research questions related to the domains in which ontologies are reported, the methodologies, tools and languages used, and the verification and validation mechanisms reported. As results, we observed that the largest number of ontologies are classified in the domains of infrastructure and networking, software and human factor. Regarding the papers that report the use of a methodology for developing the ontologies (12%), Methontology is the commonly used one. Protégé, in conjunction with the OWL language, are the preferred tools for ontology development. Regarding verification and validation (V&V) mechanisms, we observe that more than half (62%) report the application of V&V mechanisms to their ontologies.
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