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Title: Industrial wireless channel measurements in a 2.4 GHz ISM radio band using a low-cost SDR-based channel sounder
Keywords: Channel sounding;Channel estimation;Industrial wireless channel;Multipath propagation;Software Defined Radio
Publisher: Universidad de Guadalajara
Description: Industrial wireless channel is a challenge for the design of communication systems, due to non-Line-of-Sight transmission, caused by the presence of many highly reflective obstacles, and machines in operation, which are a source of the increased noise level. The main effect, which must be analyzed, is multipath propagation. In this article, a low-cost sounding system is proposed, based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) equipment, with the intention of making sounding devices more accessible to a larger group of researchers. Likewise, the mathematical foundations and the software/hardware implementation of the wireless channel sounding system are presented, and the solutions to mitigate the synchronization issues and SDR limitations are also introduced. The performance of the proposed sounder is validated through a measurement campaign in an industrial workshop, considering the 2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) band. Channel sounding measurements corroborate the accuracy of the results, which converge with the channel mathematical models proposed for several industrial environments and reported in the state-of-the-art literature. In this sense, the proposed channel sounder can be used to investigate the wireless propagation environments.
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