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Title: Development of an EEG signal analysis application through a convolution of a complex Morlet wavelet: preliminary results
Keywords: Application;Wavelet;Electroencephalogram;Signal;Analysis
Publisher: Universidad de Guadalajara
Description: This paper presents a new application for analyzing electroencephalogram (EEG) signals. The signals are pre-filtered through MATLAB's EEGLAB tool. The created application performs a convolution between the original EEG signal and a complex Morlet wavelet. As a final result, the application shows the signal power value and a spectrogram of the convoluted signal. Moreover, the created application compares different EEG channels at the same time, in a fast and straightforward way, through a time and frequency analysis. Finally, the effectiveness of the created application was demonstrated by performing an analysis of the alpha signals of healthy subjects, one signal created by the subject with eyes closed and the other, with which it was compared, was created by the same subject with eyes open. This also served to demonstrate that the power of the alpha band of the closed-eyed signal is higher than the power of the open-eyed signal.
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