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Title: Strategies for Competitiveness in a Globalized World
Author: Sánchez Gutiérrez, José
Vargas Barraza, Juan Antonio
Vázquez Ávila, Guillermo
Gaytán Cortés, Juan
Sánchez Gutiérrez, José
Vargas Barraza, Juan Antonio
Vázquez Ávila, Guillermo
Gaytán Cortés, Juan
Editors: Universidad de Guadalajara
Coordinación de Bibliotecas
Publisher: Universidad de Guadalajara
Abstract: The 21st century has witnessed the emergence of new economic powers and the collapse of economies that seemed solid. Not only the traditional economic powers, sometimes know as the triad, are nowadays the only players in the global trade and economic development, fostering increased competition from companies to succeed in international markets. This has forced to find new strategies and new models of competitiveness in order to develop successful companies in increasingly competitive global environment. In addition to this, the recent financia! crises that have shaken the world make the most of organizations to optimize resources and improve their strategies. Sorne examples of what is happening in the Spanish-speaking markets are reflected in this book. </P> <P>The text touches on topics ranging from the impacts of the strategies taken by European wine cooperatives to economic sectors such as the restaurant industry or the Spanish furniture industry. In the spectrum of areas covered in this book, we will see the importance of small family businesses, the importance of social responsibility in the manufacturing sectors, both from the standpoint of the private sector and the importance of public policies in the development of SMEs. These policies not only are analyzed from the standpoint of financia} or economic, but also in the field of human resources.
ISBN: 978-607-9147-21-1
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