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Title: The effect of feeding profile in the distribution of chains composition and mechanical performance of styrene/butyl acrylate emulsion copolymers
Author: Arnez-Prado, A.H.
Gonzalez-Ortiz, L.J.
Aranda-Garcia, F.J.
Jasso-Gastinel, C.F.
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: A semicontinuous process was used to prepare copolymers varying the feed composition profile, to vary in a gradual manner the composition of the copolymer chains being formed through an emulsion reaction, for the (50/50, w/w) styrene/butyl acrylate system. With the cumulative composition of the copolymers ( 1H-NMR), the weight distribution of chains composition (WCD) was estimated, constructing a histogram that is used to elucidate the mechanical behavior (DMA, stress-strain and, impact strength) of the synthesized copolymers.
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