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Title: Synchronization of multistable systems
Author: Pisarchik, A.N.
Jaimes-Reategui, R.
Garcia-Lopez, J.H.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: We present the detailed study of synchronization of two unidirectionally coupled identical systems with coexisting chaotic attractors and analyze system dynamics observed on the route from asynchronous behavior to complete synchronization when the coupling strength is increased. We distinguish three stages of synchronization depending on the coupling strength which can be conventionally divided into three intervals. A relatively weak coupling induces asynchronous intermittent jumps between coexisting attractors and anticipating phase synchronization within windows where the systems stay in similar attractors; an intermediate coupling creates combined attractors that give rise to generalized synchronization in the form of subharmonic frequency entrainment; and a strong coupling results in complete synchronization. The results of numerical simulations are in good agreement with experiments carried out with piecewise-linear Rössler-like electronic circuits. © 2008 World Scientific Publishing Company.
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