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Title: Swelling kinetics of poly(acrylamide)/poly(mono-n-alkyl itaconates) hydrogels
Author: Katime, I.
Velada, J.L.
Novoa, R.
Diaz De Apodaca, E.
Puig, J.
Mendizábal, E. M.
Issue Date: 1996
Abstract: Hydrogels of mono-n-alkyl itaconate/N-acrylamide have been synthesised. The swelling process at three different pH values (acid, neutral and basic) has been studied. The experimental data indicate that our hydrogels follow second-order swelling kinetics. According to this, the kinetic constant, K∞, and the swelling capacity at equilibrium, W∞, have been calculated. The influence of the solvent pH and the molar mass of the mono-n-alkyl itaconate monomeric unit has been analysed. It seems that the general balance between the hydrogen bonding and the hydrophobic interactions regulates the swelling process of these hydrogels. © 1996 SCI.
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