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Title: Strong green upconversion emission in Zr O2: Yb3+ - Ho3+ nanocrystals
Author: De La Rosa, E.
Salas, P.
Desirena, H.
Angeles, C.
Rodriguez, R.A.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Structural and upconversion emission properties of Zr O2: Yb3+ - Ho3+ nanocrystals were analyzed as function of Yb3+ concentration. Structural characterization shows a crystallite size up to 80 nm and tetragonal and cubic phase as the main crystalline structures. Strong green (540 nm) and weak red (670 nm) and near infrared (760 nm) emission bands were observed with 968 nm excitation. The upconversion is based on two photons absorption either by the energy transfers from Yb3+ ion or by the excited state absorption. The energy transfer efficiency was calculated to be 50% for 2 mol % of Yb3+ diminishing to less than 20% for higher concentration. The Yb3+ concentration also affects the decay time of the green emission of Ho3+ ion diminishing from 140 μs for 2 mol % of Yb to 76 μs for higher concentration. © 2005 American Institute of Physics.
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