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Title: Spontaneous micronuclei in peripheral blood erythrocytes from 35 mammalian species
Author: Zuniga, G.
Torres-Bugarin, O.
Ramirez-Munoz, M.P.
Ramos, A.
Fanti-Rodriguez, E.
Portilla, E.
Garcia-Martinez, D.
Cantu, J.M.
Gallegos-Arreola, M.P.
Sanchez-Corona, J.
Issue Date: 1996
Abstract: In this paper we report the results of a study to determine the frequencies of spontaneous micronucleated erythrocytes (MNE) in peripheral blood of 35 mammalian species. The main goal was to find mammals with a high spontaneous frequency of MNE that could, therefore, be good candidates for biomonitoring genotoxic agents in their natural habitat. We obtained 187 peripheral blood samples, but in 13 of the species we could only sample one individual. A wide range in the number of MNE (1/434 to 0/40000 erythrocytes) was observed. Since the number of individuals per species is not high enough, this results should be cautiously considered. The cat, mouse, giraffe, pig, opossum and capuchin monkey seem to be suitable species for biomonitoring for genotoxic events.
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