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Title: Secure optoelectronic communication using laser diode driving by chaotic Rössler oscillators
Author: Jaimes-Reategui, R.
Sevilla-Escoboza, R.
Pisarchik, A.N.
Garcia-Lopez, J.H.
Huerta-Cuellar, G.
Ruiz-Oliveras, F.
Lopez Mancilla, D.
Castaneda-Hernandez, C.E.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Secure optical communication has been realized with two semiconductor lasers driven by two chaotic Rössler oscillators. The communication system contains two channels: optical and electronic; the information is transmitted through an optical fiber, while the Rössler oscillators are synchronized via electronic channel. One of the outputs of the Rössler oscillators serves for modulating the laser pump current, and another for coupling the oscillators. The results of numerical simulations are in good agreement with experiments which demonstrate that the system is viable.
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