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Title: Scanning using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the palmomental reflex [Exploración mediante resonancia magnética funcional (IRMf) del reflejo palmomentoniano]
Author: Lima-Ojeda, J.M.
Ruiz-Sandoval, M.D.C.
Alvarez-Palazuelos, L.E.
Chiquete-Anaya, E.
Calderon-Salazar, L.D.C.
Parra-Cardenas, M.
Banuelos-Acosta, R.
Ruiz-Sandoval, J.L.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Introduction: The palmomental reflex (PMR) is a nonspecific reflex given that it can present in healthy people and those with various pathologic conditions. Until now, its central integration has been mainly studied by electrophysiology in a non conclusive manner. Objective: To identify the brain areas that integrate the RPM using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in healthy subjects. Material and methods: Through an interview 170 volunteers were selected from healthy medical staff at a referral hospital. Volunteers signed an agreement for exploration of the RPM and the fMRI. Results: The only certainty parietal activation contralateral to the invocation of RPM, without identifying the subcortical activation of other brain stem or their integration. Conclusion: The output of the latency times are shorter and RPM integration at the brainstem level requires more sensitive methods for detection or instrumentation of different paradigms.
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