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Title: S wave attenuation in the coastal region of Jalisco-Colima, Mexico
Author: Nava, F.A.
Garcia-Arthur, R.
Castro, R.R.
Suarez, C.
Marquez, B.
Nunez-Cornu, F.
Saavedra, G.
Toscano, R.
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: Aftershock data from the October 9, 1995, M = 7.6 earthquake, that occurred in the coastal subduction region of Colima-Jalisco, Mexico, are used to obtain estimates of the frequency independent quality factor Q(s) and spectral decay parameter κ, in the approximate frequency range 3 Hz ≤ f ≤ 40 Hz, as functions of hypocentral distance r. A regression analysis results in the relations for S waves: Q(s) = 261.397 + 3.198r ± 15.536 κ = 0.009651 + 0.000462r ± 0.0012. The observed distance dependence of Q(s) and κ is similar to that reported for the Mexican regions of Oaxaca and Guerrero. Our Q(s) values agree with those reported for Oaxaca and northern Baja CA for frequencies around 8 Hz, and are somewhat lower (a factor of ~0.8 to ~0.5) for higher frequencies around 20 Hz; however, they are siginificantly lower than all but the lowest values reported for the Guerrero region, attaining factors ~ 0.25 and ~ 0.13 for frequency ranges around 8 and 20 Hz, respectively. It thus appears that the Guerrero region has an anomalously low attenuation compared with the flanking coastal regions of Oaxaca-Chiapas to the SE and Jalisco-Colima to the NW.
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