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Title: Correlation between progesterone, prolactin and cortisol with CD94/NKG2 and NKD2D receptors in peripheral blood during the menstrual cycle
Author: Martinez-Garcia, EA
Mereado, MVD
Sanchez-Hernandez, PE
Munoz-Valle, JF
Martin-Marquez, BT
Arana-Argaez, VE
Garcia-Iglesias, T
Balderas-Pena, LMA
Del Toro-Arreola, A
Nunez-Atahualpa, L
Velazquez-Rodriguez, J
Gonzalez-Lopez, L
Gamez-Nava, JI
Daneri-Navarro, Adrián
Issue Date: 2008
Appears in Collections:Producción científica UdeG (prueba)

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