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Title: Rietveld refinement of the mixed boracite Fe1.59Zn 1.41B7O13Br
Author: Ulloa-Godinez, S.
Rosales, I.
Bucio, L.
Farias, M.H.
Campa-Molina, J.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The structural characterization of the new iron-zinc hepta-borate bromide with composition Fe1.59Zn1.41B7O 13Br, prepared by chemical transport is reported. A rigid-body model with constrained generalized coordinates was defined in order to hold the positions of the B atoms at reasonable inter-atomic distances that typically would reach unacceptable values because of the weak scattering power of boron. There are three independent sites for the B atoms of which two are tetra-hedrally coordinated. The bond-valence sum around the third B atom, located on a threefold rotation axis, was calculated considering two cases of coordination of boron with oxygens: trigonal-planar and tetrahedral. The contribution of the fourth O atom to the bond-valence sum was found to be only 0.06 v.u., indicating the presence of a very weak bond in the right position to have a distorted tetra-hedral coordination in favour of the trigonal-planar coordination for the third B atom. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) was used to determinate the Fe/Zn ratio.
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