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Title: The political action of the widows of bus drivers in the City of Guatemala [La acción política de las viudas de pilotos en la Ciudad de Guatemala]
Author: Camus Bergareche, M.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: A wide range of violent acts is occurring within the context of a Guatemala caught in a post-conflictive problematic. Many urban transport drivers in Guatemala City have been executed by members of 'pandillas' or 'maras' (gangs) to force the payment of the extortion money, leaving their families devastated by the trama and the difficulties of survival. This paper centres on the difficulties that the widows of these drivers organized in AVITRANS (Association of Transport Widows) are facing in their political struggle for government support and social recognition when they are seen as being delegitimized for being poor, mestiza and coming from the 'grey zone' areas of this metropolis. This case study attempts to analyse the consequences of the neoliberal model in practice. © Manuela Camus.
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