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Title: Diastolic dysfunction in patients with white coat hypertension [Disfunción diastólica en pacientes con hipertensión de bata blanca]
Author: Reyes, S.F.
Sedano, G.Z.
Garcia De Alba Garcia, J.E.
Parra Carrillo, J.Z.
Rosas, S.R.
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: Background: Diastolic dysfunction can be present in the hypertensive patients, even before the appearance of left ventricular hypertrophy. This change in the ventricular filling has not been found consistently in hypertensive patients with white coat hypertension. Objective: To measure the left ventricle structure and function in white coat hypertension patients and compare the findings in individuals with sustained hypertension. Patients and method: A total of 104 obese individuals (88% female, Quetelet index 30.4 ± 4.2), without diabetes, slightly hypertensive or in study for this diagnosis were studied. Based on auscultatory measurement and 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, three groups were formed: sustained hypertensives, white coat hypertensives, and non-hypertensives. A Doppler color echocardiogram was done on each patient to identify cardiac structure and function. Results: Diastolic dysfunction was prevalent in all three groups; white coat hypertensives had greater diastolic dysfunction (32.2%) than non-hypertensives (22.8%) (p < 0.05). Left ventricular hypertrophy was greater in white coat hypertensives than in non-hypertensives, but there was no statistical significance. Ejection fraction was equal in the three groups. Conclusions: White coat hypertension is associated with a high prevalence of diastolic dysfunction, thus the identification of early cardiovascular damage in these patients could be used as a prognosis marker and to decide the treatment to be used.
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