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Title: Debris Remaining in the Apical Third of Root Canals after Chemomechanical Preparation by Using Sodium Hypochlorite and Glyde: An In Vivo Study
Author: Cruz, A.
Vera, J.
Gascon, G.
Palafox-Sanchez, C.A.
Amezcua, O.
Mercado, G.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Introduction: During chemomechanical instrumentation, several liquid or paste substances are used to ease the action of the files and to eliminate debris and the smear layer. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the use of a paste containing EDTA during cleaning and shaping of the root canal helps to eliminate debris. Methods: Twenty root canals in dog teeth were instrumented by a crown-down technique by using nickel-titanium rotary files. In 10 root canals (group A), sodium hypochlorite was used during instrumentation, followed by a final irrigation with 17% liquid EDTA. In another 10 canals (group B), sodium hypochlorite was again used as the irrigating solution, but Glyde File Prep paste was used with every instrument, and a final irrigation with EDTA was also carried out. Two additional teeth were used as positive and 2 as negative controls. The jaws were prepared for histologic evaluation. Results: In group A where Glyde was not used during cleaning and shaping, little or no debris was found in the apical third of the instrumented root canals; however; in group B in which Glyde File Prep paste was used during chemomechanical instrumentation, moderate to high accumulation of debris was observed in the apical third. Conclusions: The use of Glyde File Prep paste during rotary mechanical instrumentation favors the accumulation of debris in the apical third of the root canals. Irrigation with NaOCl and a final flush with EDTA by means of a small-gauge needle with simultaneous aspiration led to less accumulation of debris than in the Glyde File Prep group (P < .05). © 2014 American Association of Endodontists.
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