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Title: Critical phenomenon analysis of shear-banding flow in polymer-like micellar solutions
Author: Bautista, F.
Perez-Lopez, J.H.
Puig, J.E.
Manero, O.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: We examined the shear-banding flow phenomenon in polymer-like micellar solutions with the Bautista-Manero-Puig (BMP) model, which predicts that upon decreasing the shear banding intensity parameter of this model, which correspond to increasing temperature, concentration or varying salt-to-surfactant concentration, a non-equilibrium critical line is reached. By using non-equilibrium critical theory, which we obtain a set of symmetrical curves which are the normalized stress versus normalized shear rate flow curves, similar to gas-liquid transitions around the critical point. In addition, we derived the non-equilibrium critical exponents and found that them are no classic values. © 2008 American Institute of Physics.
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