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Title: Core-shell polymers with improved mechanical properties prepared by microemulsion polymerization
Author: Aguiar, A.
Gonzalez-Villegas, S.
Rabelero, M.
Mendizábal, E. M.
Puig, J.E.
Dominguez, J.M.
Katime, I.
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: The synthesis of core-shell polymers of styrene and butyl acrylate by a two-stage microemulsion polymerization process is reported. The microemulsion polymerization was optimized by adding more monomer in a semicontinuous fashion to the latex resulting from the polymerization of the parent microemulsion to produce a high-solid-content polystyrene latex (ca. 40% solids) with small particle size (<30 nm) and high molar mass (>2×106 g/mol). Core-shell polymers were characterized by transmission electron microscopy, quasielastic light scattering, IR spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, and dynamic mechanical thermal analysis. The effect of adding a functional monomer (itaconic acid) on the mechanical properties (Young modulus, ultimate elongation, and hardness) of the micro-emulsion-made structured polymers is also reported. The core-shell polymers synthesized by micro-emulsion polymerization are more rigid and harder than core-shell polymers of similar composition made by emulsion polymerization. The presence of the functional monomer improves even more the mechanical properties of these materials.
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