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Título: Clinical guide for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of overweight and obesity in children [Guía clínica para el diagnóstico, tratamiento y prevención del sobrepeso y la obesidad en pediatría.]
Autor: Vasquez-Garibay, E.M.
Romero-Velarde, E.
Ortiz-Ortega, M.A.
Gomez-Cruz, Z.
Gonzalez-Rico, J.L.
Corona-Alfaro, R.
Fecha de publicación: 2007
Resumen: The prevalence of overweight has significantly increased thorough the world and Mexico is not an exception considering that the National Survey of Nutrition (1999) showed that 19.5% of scholar children in Mexico have overweight and other survey from Mexico City (ENURBAL, 2002) have shown that 17% in the same range of age are obese. Therefore, this clinical guide pretends to be an instrument for supporting the professionals of health for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of obesity in children using the levels of medical attention. It is known that the treatment is difficult and it requires a full multidisciplinary team of professionals and that the key of prevention is the modification of the sedentary lifestyle and the decrease of energy intake. This guide was elaborated by pediatricians working in nutrition in public and university institutions, family and general physicians and pediatricians with private practice.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12104/67490
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