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Title: Rapid starch acetylation at low temperature using iodine as catalyst
Author: Ramirez-Arreola, D.E.
Robledo-Ortiz, J.R.
Arellano, M.
Gonzalez-Nunez, R.
Rodrigue, D.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: A method to prepare starch acetate using acetic anhydride (AA) is presented. The process was carried out at temperatures below 100 °C using iodine (I) as a catalyst. The effect of reaction temperatures, as well as AA/starch and I/starch weight ratio was analyzed. The results show that high degrees of substitution can be reached by this method and the initial amount of acetic anhydride has a substantial effect on reaction efficiency. For a weight ratio of acetic anhydride to native starch (AA/AN) equal to two, a substitution degree of 3 was reached for 30 min and 70 °C.
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