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Title: Chromosome instability in a patient with recurrent abortions
Author: Bobadilla-Morales, L.
Cervantes-Luna, M.I.
Garcia-Cobian, T.A.
Gomez-Meda, B.C.
Ortega De La Torre, C.
Corona-Rivera, J.R.
Corona-Rivera, A.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Chromosomal aberrations are one of the recognized possible etiologic genetic causes of recurrent spontaneous abortions. Increased chromosome instability without constitutional chromosome abnormalities is uncommon in these couples. In this work we present a non consanguineous healthy couple with recurrent abortions without constitutional chromosome aberrations in which spontaneous and induced chromosome aberrations were observed in the female. Chromosome analysis was performed in the presence of different chromosome damage inductors such as gamma radiation, Uv light, and mitomycin-C. Alterations observed only in the female were: spontaneous and induced tetraradial chromosomes and increased chromosomal damage induced only by gamma radiation. Oral mucosa micronuclei were moderately increased in the female. Chromosome instability associated to abortion is proposed.
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