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Title: PIQA: Pipeline for Illumina G1 genome analyzer data quality assessment
Author: Martinez-Alcantara, A.
Ballesteros, E.
Feng, C.
Rojas, M.
Koshinsky, H.
Fofanov, V.Y.
Havlak, P.
Fofanov, Y.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: PIQA is a quality analysis pipeline designed to examine genomic reads produced by Next Generation Sequencing technology (Illumina G1 Genome Analyzer). A short statistical summary, as well as tile-by-tile and cycle-by-cycle graphical representation of clusters density, quality scores and nucleotide frequencies allow easy identification of various technical problems including defective tiles, mistakes in sample/library preparations and abnormalities in the frequencies of appearance of sequenced genomic reads. PIQA is written in the R statistical programming language and is compatible with bustard, fastq and scarf Illumina G1 Genome Analyzer data formats. © 2009 The Author(s).
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