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Title: Patterns of distribution of the bird fauna in three states of western Mexico [Patrones de distribucion de la avifauna en tres estados del occidente de Mexico]
Author: Palomera-Garcia, C.
Santana, C., E.
Amparan-Salido, R.
Issue Date: 1994
Abstract: Mexico harbors 11.3% of the world's bird species. The avifaunas of three states, Sonora, Jalisco and Chiapas, that are representative of the northernmost, central and southernmost regions, respectively, of the Pacific coast are compared. A north to south increase in: species richness, proportion of species with Neotropical and Mesoamerican distribution, endemics, and frugivorous and nectarivorous species is documented. There is a decrease in the proportion of migratory species, proportion of oscines and species with granivorous and acuatic diets. Most of the ecological and biogeographical patterns that have been described at a continental scale are also evident along the latitudinal gradient of western Mexico. -from English summary
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