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Title: Ovarian dysgenesis due to an idic(X)(q2803)
Author: Rivera, H.
Rivas, F.
Garcia-Esquivel, L.
Moller, M.
Cantu, J.M.
Issue Date: 1987
Abstract: A 17-year old female patient with gonadal dysgenesis but no other turnerian features was found to have a 46,X,idic(X)(pter→q2803:q2803→pter) karyotype in her lymphocytes. Replication of the rearranged X was consistently late and symmetrical. It is postulated that the overian dysgenesis usually seen in nonmosaic carriers of Xq;Xq terminal rearrangements may be secondary to a non-reactivation of the abnormal chromosome before meiosis.
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