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Title: On the conditions of internal tide wave generation along the west coast of Mexico
Author: Filonov, A.E.
Monzon, C.
Tereshschenko, I.
Issue Date: 1996
Abstract: Baines' (1982) model was used to calculate the energy flux of the barotropic M2 waves to internal waves. Fluxes and amplitudes of the internal waves are shown to be not only dependent on the barotropic tide intensity but also on its arrival angle to the shelf, which changes greatly. By using the vertical distribution of the Brunt-Vaisala frequency in the region of study, the trajectories of the energy flux of the internal waves were calculated. Our results indicate optimum conditions for the generation of internal tides close to the Mexican Pacific coast. According to the linear model of internal waves, an estimation of the parameters of the semidiurnal internal tides close to the continental slope and on the shelf was made.
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