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Title: New records of ascomycetes from Jalisco, Mexico
Author: Sanchez-Jacome, M.D.R.
Guzman-Davalos, L.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Sixteen ascomycete species belonging to three orders are discussed. Entonaema moluccanum, Helvella cupuliformis, Peziza ampliata, P. atrovinosa, P. praetervisa, P. vesiculosa and the anamorph of Xylaria cubensis, Xylocoremium flabelliforme, are reported for the first time from Mexico. Furthermore, Geopyxis vulcanalis, Helvella dissingii, Hypoxylon lividipigmentum, H. nitens, Iodowynnea auriformis, Lachnum abnorme, Sowerbyella rhenana and Xylaria cf. laevis are new reports for the state of Jalisco. New localities for X. quercinophila in Jalisco are also cited.
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