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Title: Characteristics of hepatitis B virus genotype G coinfected with genotype H in chimeric mice carrying human hepatocytes
Author: Tanaka, Y.
Sanchez, L.V.
Sugiyama, M.
Sakamoto, T.
Kurbanov, F.
Tatematsu, K.
Roman, S.
Takahashi, S.
Shirai, T.
Panduro-Cerda, Arturo
Mizokami, M.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Accumulated evidence indicated that hepatitis B virus genotype G (HBV/G) is present exclusively in coinfection with other HBV genotypes. In Mexico, HBV/G from 6 men who had sex with men were coinfected with HBV/H. Phylogenetically complete genomes of the 6 Mexican HBV/G strains were closely related to previous ones from the US/Europe. Using uPA/SCID mice with human hepatocytes, monoinfection with HBV/G did not result in detectable HBV DNA in serum, whereas superinfection with HBV/G at week 10 inoculated HBV/H when HBV/H DNA was elevated to > 107 copies/mL has enhanced the replication of HBV/G. The HBV/G was enhanced in another 3 inoculated with a serum passage containing HBV/G with a trace of HBV/H. Coinfection of mice with HBV/G and H induced fibrosis in the liver. In conclusion, the replication of HBV/G can be enhanced remarkably when it is coinfected with HBV/H. Coinfection with HBV/G may be directly cytopathic in immunosuppressive conditions. © 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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