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Title: Monitoring anaerobic sequential batch reactors via fractal analysis of pH time series
Author: Mendez-Acosta, H.O.
Hernandez-Martinez, E.
Jauregui-Jauregui, J.A.
Alvarez-Ramirez, J.
Puebla, H.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Efficient monitoring and control schemes are mandatory in the current operation of biological wastewater treatment plants because they must accomplish more demanding environmental policies. This fact is of particular interest in anaerobic digestion processes where the availability of accurate, inexpensive, and suitable sensors for the on-line monitoring of key process variables remains an open problem nowadays. In particular, this problem is more challenging when dealing with batch processes where the monitoring strategy has to be performed in finite time, which limits the application of current advanced monitoring schemes as those based in the proposal of nonlinear observers (i.e., software sensors). In this article, a fractal time series analysis of pH fluctuations in an anaerobic sequential batch reactor (AnSBR) used for the treatment of tequila vinasses is presented. Results indicated that conventional on-line pH measurements can be correlated with off-line determined key process variables, such as COD, VFA and biogas production via some fractality indexes. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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