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dc.contributor.authorMercado-Martinez, F.J.
dc.contributor.authorHernandez-Ibarra, E.
dc.contributor.authorAscencio-Mera, C.D.
dc.contributor.authorDiaz-Medina, B.A.
dc.contributor.authorPadilla-Altamira, C.
dc.contributor.authorKierans, C.
dc.description.abstractKidney transplant is the optimal treatment for renal disease according to biomedical criteria, but the technology is highly expensive. The aim of this article was to examine the economic hardships experienced by kidney transplant patients and the impact on their lives, specifically when they lack social protection in health. The article reports on a qualitative study conducted in Mexico. Twenty-one kidney transplant patients participated. Semi-structured interviews were performed and submitted to content analysis. Patients experience extreme economic hardship due to the high cost of renal therapies, particularly medicines. Such economic problems adversely affect their condition, since many patients report difficulties in maintaining their immunosuppressant medication, attending medical appointments, and curtailing household expenditures, further aggravated by loss of earnings. In conclusion, kidney transplantation is associated with patients’ impoverishment when they lack social protection in health. A protection system is urgently needed for this group. © 2014 Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz. All rights reserved.
dc.titleKidney transplant patients without social protection in health: What do patients say about the economic hardships and impact? [Viver com transplante renal sem proteção social em saúde: O que os pacientes dizem sobre as dificuldades econômicas e os seus efeitos?] [Viviendo con trasplante renal, sin protección social en salud: ¿Qué dicen los enfermos sobre las dificultades económicas que enfrentan y sus efectos?]
dc.relation.ispartofjournalCadernos de Saude Publica
dc.subject.keywordChronic renal insufficiency; Kidney transplantation; Social inequity
dc.contributor.affiliationMercado-Martínez, F.J., Universidad de GuadalajaraGuadalajara, Mexico; Hernández-Ibarra, E., Universidad Autónoma de San Luis PotosíSan Luis Potosí, Mexico; Ascencio-Mera, C.D., Universidad de GuadalajaraGuadalajara, Mexico; Díaz-Medina, B.A., Universidad de GuadalajaraGuadalajara, Mexico; Padilla-Altamira, C., University of LiverpoolLiverpool, United Kingdom; Kierans, C., University of LiverpoolLiverpool, United Kingdom
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