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Title: Influence of the type of sepiolite on the modification of the pore-size distribution in γ-Al2O3 supports
Author: Barrera, A.
Muramatsu, K.
Viveros, T.
Gomez, S.
Montoya, J.A.
del Angel, P.
Perez, G.
Campa-Molina, J.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: γ-Al2O3 modified supports with bimodal pore-size distributions were prepared by the addition of different types of natural sepiolites (α or β) into alumina. The supports were characterized by nitrogen physisorption, mercury porosimetry, X-ray diffraction, HRTEM and DTA techniques. A wide range of SBET (94-238 m2 g- 1), pore volumes (0.3-0.82 cm3 g- 1), and pore sizes were obtained in the supports depending on the type of sepiolite and its concentration added into alumina. The pore sizes were distributed as follows: mesopores around 1.8 nm in radius, mesopores in the radius range 3.0-25 nm and macropores between 25 and 300 nm in radius. The shape of the pore-size distributions depended on the type of sepiolite: the modal peak for pores larger than 3.0 nm was broad with β-type sepiolites and narrow with α-type sepiolites. The mesopore and macropore sizes can be controlled by the type of sepiolite as well as its concentration added to alumina. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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