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Title: Influence of the synthesis thermal history on the structure of acrylate based hydro geles
Author: Jimenez, R.
Lopez, L.
Garcia, S.
Reyes, G.
Orozco, E.
Prado, M.
Bautista, F.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Acrylate based hydro gels synthesized at very high controlled conditions exhibit structures at three different length scales (10 -6, 10 -4 and 10 -2 m) as well as an unusual combination of surface properties, morphology, mechanical properties and swelling capacity. These properties depend strongly on the thermal history during the synthesis and on the cross-linking agent concentration. Mechanical properties, swelling capacity and structures at different length scales of these hydro gels shown a transitions at a critical concentration of cross-linking agent and a critical temperature of synthesis.
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