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Title: HLA-A and HLA-B allele frequencies in a mestizo population from Guadalajara, Mexico, determined by sequence-based typing
Author: Leal, C.A.
Mendoza-Carrera, F.
Rivas, F.
Rodriguez-Reynoso, S.
Portilla-De Buen, E.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: HLA-A and HLA-B genes were typed by DNA sequencing in a mestizo population from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Thirty-seven HLA-A and 51 HLA-B alleles were observed in 103 samples. The common typical Amerindian alleles (>5%) and haplotypes (≥2.0%) found were A*02010101, *24020101, *310102, B*350101, and *4002, and A*310102-B*4002, A*240201-B*350101, and the typical European alleles were A*010101, *29010101, B*1402, B*180101, and A*020101-B*1402, A*020101-B*510101, and A*3002-B*180101. This reflects the blending of the two main parental populations of mestizos: Amerindian and Iberian. Mexicans were found to be relatively closer to the Portuguese than to Spaniards. This proximity may indicate a larger Portuguese influence in Mexicans than previously considered. Present data contribute to the understanding of the genetic structure in Mexico. © 2005 Blackwell Munksgaard.
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