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Title: Haplotypes Eco47 III-Nsp I sites frequencies on the IDUA gene in Mexican native population
Author: Gallegos-Arreola, M.P.
Sandoval-Ramirez, L.
Figuera, L.E.
Arnaud-Lopez, L.
Rivas, F.
Mariaud-Schmidt, R.P.
Zuniga-Gonzlez, G.M.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Background. - The frequency of haplotypes of Nsp I-Eco47 III sites, at the IDUA (α-L iduronidase) gene, in Huichol, Tarahumara and Mestizo Mexican population is reported. Methods. - Eco47 III and Nsp I intragenic polymorphisms in IDUA gene are studied in three (Mestizo, Huichol and Tarahumara populations) Mexican groups. Data from normal Australian [Hum. Genet. 90 (1992) 327] individuals were considered for comparative analyses. Results. - The genotypes for IDUA Eco47 III and Nsp I sites in Mexicans were in agreement with Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Allele frequency distributions for individual sites differed (P < 0.05) except at site B1 in the Huichol group. Haplotype Eco47 III-Nsp I frequency distributions were different in the three Mexican normal groups, and it was also observed when to compared with the normal Australians. Conclusions. - This characteristic makes the two IDUA polymorphic sites useful for identification purposes, and these polymorphisms could be included in a PCR based battery of DNA markers. © 2005 Elsevier SAS. All rights reserved.
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