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Title: Geological study and electrical resistivity tomography of Ameca, Jalisco, Mexico
Author: Malagon, A.
Rosas-Elguera, J.
Alatorre, M.A.
Perez, G.
Maciel, R.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: There are several areas in Central Mexico with subsidence troubles, such as Aguascalientes, Celaya, Queretaro and Morelia. For 20 years, Ameca town located in Jalisco State, Mexico, has been affected by slow subsidence. The Plio-Quaternary tectonic framework for western-central Mexico suggests a NW fault system associated with a NE-extension. The Ameca region is in this environment. When the damages (e.g cracked houses) are located on a map they show a W-NW trend similar to the regional faulting. Geological studies show that the main normal fault is 4 km long with a 7 m vertical offset. The electrical resistivity tomography study shows that recent sediments are affected by fractures with the same trend as the main normal fault. Copyright © 2010 IAHS Press.
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