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Title: Facade seismic failure simulation of an old Cathedral in Colima, Mexico by 3D Limit Analysis and nonlinear Finite Element Method
Author: Preciado, A.
Orduna, A.
Bartoli, G.
Budelmann, H.
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Earthquake protection of historical buildings is fundamental for the economy and development of a country and is a topic of intensive research among the scientific community. Two different material models and approaches such as 3D Limit Analysis and nonlinear Finite Element Method are used and compared for the seismic evaluation of an old masonry Cathedral in Colima, Mexico. It has been strongly damaged by a M7.6 earthquake in 1941, generating strong damage to the main façade with the collapse of the left tower. It was damaged again by a similar event of M7.5 in 2003. Both events mainly damaged the main façade including both bell-towers. In this paper, firstly, the Cathedral is completely modeled and a macro-element representing the observed most damaged part is selected. The seismic assessment results by both, Limit Analysis and nonlinear Finite Element approaches are able to simulate the observed failure mechanisms at the frontal façade and the obtained seismic coefficients are in good agreement. Moreover, the advantages and disadvantages through the seismic analysis process corresponding to the pre-processing, analysis and post-processing by the use of both approaches are detailed. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.
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