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Título: Expression of apolipoprotein AI mRNA in peripheral white blood cells of patients with alcoholic liver disease
Autor: Nuno-Gonzalez, P.
Ruiz-Madrigal, B.
Bastidas-Ramirez, B.E.
Martinez-Lopez, E.
Segura, J.E.
Panduro-Cerda, Arturo
Fecha de publicación: 2005
Resumen: Because (i) changes in plasma and liver mRNA of apolipoprotein (apo) AI have been observed in patients with alcoholic liver disease, (ii) apo AI mRNA can be induced in non-hepatic tissues, and (iii) apolipoproteins expression is influenced by plasma colloid osmotic pressure (PCO) and viscosity (η), we analyzed the Apo AI mRNA expression in the peripheral white blood cells (PWBC), PCO, and η in control volunteers (C), patients with liver cirrhosis (LC), and cirrhotic patients with superimposed alcoholic hepatitis (LC+AH). We found that apo AI mRNA is expressed in the PWBC in 20% of C and it is induced 1.5 fold in 66.6% of LC and 1.95 fold in 85% of LC+AH. A significant decrease of PCO in LC and LC+AH (14.8±2.4 and 16.2±2.4 mm Hg, respectively) compared to C (27.9±2 mm Hg) was observed. By contrast, η was mildly increased from 1.7389±0.07 in C to 1.8022±0.154 in LC and 1.9030±0.177 in LC+AH. No significant correlation was found between PCO and η with apo AI mRNA but with lipid profile. In conclusion, apo AI mRNA expression in PWBC is associated to liver disease severity and could be an indirect indicator of alcoholic liver damage. © 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12104/64773
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