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Title: Experimental implementation of a biometric laser synaptic sensor
Author: Pisarchik, A.N.
Sevilla-Escoboza, R.
Jaimes-Reategui, R.
Huerta-Cuellar, G.
Hugo Garcia-Lopez, J.
Kazantsev, V.B.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: We fabricate a biometric laser fiber synaptic sensor to transmit information from one neuron cell to the other by an optical way. The optical synapse is constructed on the base of an erbium-doped fiber laser, whose pumped diode current is driven by a pre-synaptic FitzHugh-Nagumo electronic neuron, and the laser output controls a post-synaptic FitzHugh-Nagumo electronic neuron. The implemented laser synapse displays very rich dynamics, including fixed points, periodic orbits with different frequency-locking ratios and chaos. These regimes can be beneficial for efficient biorobotics, where behavioral flexibility subserved by synaptic connectivity is a challenge. © 2013 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.
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