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Title: Echeveria yalmanantlanensis (Crassulaceae): A new species from Cerro Grande, Sierra de Manantlán, western Mexico
Author: Vazquez-Garcia, J.A.
Jimeno-S., D.
Cuevas-G., R.
Chazaro-B., M.
Muniz-Castro, M.A.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Echeveria yalmanantlanensis, a new species from eastern Sierra de Manantlán, Biosphere Reserve, on the Jalisco-Colima border in western Mexico, is described and illustrated, and a table for comparison of morphologically related taxa is provided. This species belongs to series Valvatae, differing from the other members of the series by its acaulescent habit, shape and color of leaves and bracts, size of scape, bract pattern on scape, size and color of the corolla, habitat, and geographic distribution. There is support for the hypotheses that this species is endemic to the calcareous massif Cerro Grande and is already in danger of extinction. © 2012 The New York Botanical Garden.
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