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Title: An integrated system to remote monitor and control anaerobic wastewater treatment plants through the internet
Author: Bernard, O.
Chachuat, B.
Helias, A.
Le Dantec, B.
Sialve, B.
Steyer, J.-P.
Lardon, L.
Neveu, P.
Lambert, S.
Gallop, J.
Dixon, M.
Ratini, P.
Quintaba, A.
Frattesi, S.
Lema, J.M.
Roca, E.
Ruiz, G.
Rodriguez, J.
Franco, A.
Vanrolleghem, P.
Zaher, U.
De Pauw, D.J.W.
De Neve, K.
Lievens, K.
Dochain, D.
Schoefs, O.
Fibrianto, H.
Farina, R.
Alcaraz Gonzalez, V.
Gonzalez Alvarez, V.
Lemaire, P.
Martinez, J.A.
Esandi, F.
Duclaud, O.
Lavigne, J.F.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: The TELEMAC project brings new methodologies from the Information and Science Technologies field to the world of water treatment. TELEMAC offers an advanced remote management system which adapts to most of the anaerobic wastewater treatment plants that do not benefit from a local expert in wastewater treatment. The TELEMAC system takes advantage of new sensors to better monitor the process dynamics and to run automatic controllers that stabilise the treatment plant, meet the depollution requirements and provide a biogas quality suitable for cogeneration. If the automatic system detects a failure which cannot be solved automatically or locally by a technician, then an expert from the TELEMAC Control Centre is contacted via the internet and manages the problem. © IWA Publishing 2005.
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