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Title: An integrated paleomagnetic study of Rio Grande de Santiago volcanic succession (trans-Mexican volcanic belt): Revisited
Author: Goguitchaichvili, A.
Alva-Valdivia, L.
Rosas-Elguera, J.
Urrutia-Fucugauchi, J.
Gonzalez, J.A.
Morales, J.
Sole, J.
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: We carried out an integrated paleomagnetic, rock-magnetic and paleointensity study of Miocene volcanic succession from the trans-Mexican volcanic belt (TMVB) north of Guadalajara. A total of 37 consecutive basaltic lava flows (326 oriented standard paleomagnetic cores) were collected at Lazo locality. Continuous susceptibility measurements with temperature and hysteresis experiments yield in most cases reasonably reversible curves with Curie points close to that of pseudo-single-domain magnetite. Two geomagnetic reversals were observed in the 300 m thick composite section. Paleosecular variation was lower than the one observed in general during Miocene. It appears that the volcanic units have been emplaced during a relatively short time span of about 1 Ma. The mean paleomagnetic directions obtained from this study do not differ significantly from that expected for the middle Miocene. The mean paleomagnetic direction calculated from all data is I = 31.1°, D = 354.6°, k = 124 and α95 = 2.1°, N = 37. Seventy-two samples with apparently preserved primary magnetic mineralogy and without secondary magnetization, mostly belonging to reverse polarity chron were pre-selected for Thellier paleointensity determination. The flow-mean paleointensity values are ranging from 22.4 ± 3.4 to 53.8 ± 6.0 μT and the corresponding virtual dipole moments (VDMs) are ranging from (5.4 ± 0.8) to (12.0 ± 1.4) × 1022 A m2. This corresponds to mean value of (7.7 ± 2.2) × 1022 A m2, which is close to present day geomagnetic field strength. Altogether, our data suggest the existence of relatively high geomagnetic field strength undergoing low fluctuations. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
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