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Title: Agave temacapulinensis (Agavaceae), a new ditepalous species from the Los Altos Region, Jalisco, Mexico
Author: Vazquez-Garcia, J.A.
De Jesus Chazaro-Basanez, M.
Muniz-Castro, M.A.
Nieves-Hernandez, G.
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Agave temacapulinensis A. Vázquez & Cházaro (Agavaceae) is described and illustrated from Jalisco, Mexico. The new species belongs to Agave L. subg. Agave and is a member of the Ditepalae group, sensu Gentry. It is related to A. wocomahi Gentry in terms of its rosette size, solitary habit in most cases, the smooth texture of the leaves, the red-tipped dimorphic tepals, and the deep floral tube. Agave temacapulinensis differs from A. wocomahi in having light gray, glaucous rosettes (vs. dark green to glaucous green); short acuminate leaves (vs. long acuminate); crenate margins (vs. straight to undulate) with smaller marginal teeth (8-10 mm vs. 10-20 mm); larger panicles (5.5-6.5 m vs. 3-5 m) with more lateral branches (16 to 18 vs. 8 to 15); and smaller seeds (5-6 × 3-4 mm vs. 7 × 4.5-5 mm).
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