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Title: A correlation between damage and intensity on old masonry churches in Colima, Mexico by the 2003 M7.5 earthquake
Author: Preciado, A.
Orduna, A.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Strong damage was observed in Colima Mexico on most of the cultural patrimony (mainly churches) after the 2003 M7.5 earthquake. In order to find a correlation between the observed damage on the historical buildings and the earthquake intensity, the vulnerability is assessed by qualitative methods, including the vulnerability class method (VCM) and the vulnerability index method (VIM). The latter method is modified and adapted in this research to assess the seismic vulnerability of historical buildings such as churches and cathedrals located in areas from high to very high seismicity. The results are intended to serve as preliminary indicators of expected damage levels that allow the local authorities to take measures oriented to disaster prevention. The assessment using both methodologies is developed on 15 historical masonry churches, most of them from XIX century. With the results, a correlation between damage and intensity taking into account a Macroseismic Scale is developed and the qualitative methodologies to assess the seismic vulnerability of historical constructions are compared each other. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.
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