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Title: [Social network and social support among poor elderly ill in Guadalajara, Mexico]
Other Titles: Redes y apoyo social en ancianos enfermos de escasos recursos en Guadalajara, Mexico.
Author: Robles L
Rizo Curiel G
Camarena Garcia LM
Cervantes Coles L
Gomez Medrano Md
Siordia Gonzalez M
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: This paper examines social networks and social support among poor elderly ill in Guadalajara, Mexico. We interviewed 40 hospitalized elderly patients. The mean size of social networks was 7.5, basically involving women, multiple generations, and members of the extended family. Emotional support was more frequent than other types of social support. Elderly women had larger social networks and received more social support than men. Married elderly also had larger social networks and more social support than single patients. There were no differences between age and living arrangements with social networks and social support. Future studies are needed on the social and cultural environment of social support for the elderly.
ISSN: 0102-311X; 0102-311X
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