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Title: Waist circumference and association with cardiovascular risk factors in obese children and adolescents [Circunferencia de cintura y su asociaci�n con factores de riesgo cardiovascular en ni�os y adolescentes con obesidad]
Author: Romero-Velarde, E.
Vasquez-Garibay, E.M.
Alvarez-Roman, Y.A.
Fonseca-Reyes, S.
Toral, E.C.
Sanroman, R.T.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Background. It has been demonstrated that indirect indicators of adiposity such as body mass index are associated with metabolic disorders including cardiovascular risk factors. The objective was to evaluate the association of body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) with cardiovascular risk factors in obese children and adolescents. Methods. Cross-sectional study in 115 obese children and adolescents (BMI >+ 2.0 SD). Weight, height and waist circumference were measured. Blood pressure (BP), serum lipid profile, glucose and insulin were determined and HOMA-IR index was calculated. The correlation between BMI and WC with biochemical parameters and BP was identified; multivariate models were performed to evaluate the association of BMI and WC with cardiovascular risk factors. Results. Mean age was 9.75 � 3.1 years. A significant positive correlation of BMI and WC with BP, insulin and HOMA-IR was identified. In multivariate models, both BMI and WC showed an association with these alterations. Conclusions. In obese children and adolescents, both the WC and BMI are associated with alterations in BP, insulin and HOMA-IR.
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