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Title: Tribocorrosion behavior and ions release of CoCrMo alloy coated with a TiAlVCN/CNx multilayer in simulated body fluid plus bovine serum albumin
Author: Alemon, B.
Flores, M.
Ramirez, W.
Huegel, J.C.
Broitman, E.
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: While the CoCrMo biomaterial is currently employed in artificial joints, there are medical concerns regarding its metal ion release and material loss caused by tribocorrosion. In this work, a TiAlVCN/CNx multilayer coating has been employed to improve the tribocorrosion-resistance of the CoCrMo substrate. During the tribocorrosion test, with the sample immersed in a simulated body fluid containing bovine serum albumin, open-circuit potential measurements showed more noble potential as well as a reduction of both the friction coefficient and wear-rate during the sliding phase. Inductive coupled plasma results demonstrate that the multilayer coating effectively blocked the emigration of metallic ions. � 2014 Elsevier Ltd.
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