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Title: Traditional infrageneric classification of Gymnopilus is not supported by ribosomal DNA sequence data
Author: Guzman-Davalos, L.
Mueller, G.M.
Cifuentes, J.
Miller, A.N.
Santerre, A.
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: The traditional classification of Gymnopilus (Agaricales) recognizes two primary groups, Annulati and Gymnopilus, based on the presence or absence of a membranous partial veil. While our analyses of DNA sequence data from the nuclear ribosomal ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 (ITS) gene supports the monophyly of the genus, these traditional subgroups were not recovered. Five well-supported clades within the genus were identified through these analyses: 1) the spectabilis-imperialis group; 2) nevadensis-penetrans group; 3) a clade formed by G. underwoodii, G. validipes and G. cf. flavidellus; 4) aeruginosus- luteofolius group; and 5) lepidotus-subearlei group. Relationships among these subgroups were not resolved.
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